Frequently Asked Questions

About Financial Recovery Alliance



Q:     What is it about FRA that makes you think you can do any better than the company who did my last audit?


A:     Three things: First, we don’t just put your transactions through some “data grinder” software and produce reports from whatever comes out the other end.  We work closely with you to download all the necessary records for an audit, then tailor our proprietary software to produce the reports you need.  Second, our experienced, professional auditors take the time and effort to examine and interpret the results to ensure their accuracy.  And, third, the reports you receive contain all the information your suppliers need to verify the claims we submit, saving them time, hassle and phone calls.


Q:  Your audit isn’t going to completely disrupt our office operations, is it?


A:     Not if we can help it.  FRA is willing to work on your audit from our offices near Kansas City or, if you feel it is necessary, we can station the appropriate number of representatives at your offices for whatever duration is necessary.  And since we are usually working with older transactions, we can complete the audit with minimal effect on your operations.


Q: All our records are electronic.  Is that a problem?


A:     Absolutely not.  Our associates will work closely with you and your IT staff to arrive at the most efficient and reliable method of extracting all relevant records needed for the audit.  Our custom debit software was designed exclusively for FRA.  Based on Microsoft’s Visual FoxPro platform, it’s a powerful, flexible tool that should be able to handle your data easily.


Q:  I never heard of you guys before.  How do I know you can handle my business?


A:  We have many years of experience in auditing billions of dollars in transactions for our clients in the grocery distribution business. We have a solid record of performance superior to the audit firms you've worked with before


Q:  We believe our relationships with our suppliers are very important.  What will you do to preserve those relationships?


A:  Unlike some of our competitors, we go out of our way to ensure that suppliers are treated with respect.  For one thing, our audit reports include all the data they will need to verify your claims.  Most of our claims show invoice number, invoice date, purchase order number, UPC code, quantity purchased, amount billed, what should have been billed, the difference, and the amount due.  If you or your suppliers want something different, we’ll customize the report accordingly.  We also notify your suppliers in advance if we see a particularly large claim developing and give them a chance to investigate the problem before the claim is filed.


Q:  If you guys are as thorough as you say you are, what kind of records do you need to do your job?


A:  Mostly we need the same things your present firm requires for their audit; we just pay closer attention to them.  Here’s the list:

  • All accounts payable history such as vendor invoices, hard copy and or EDI data files, and check copies

  • All purchase order and warehouse receiving information

  • All accounts receivable documents such as checks or credits issued by vendors and copies of any internal bill-back adjustments or deduction transactions against vendor remittance

  • All promotional deal forms, fact sheets, trade bulletins and any other applicable promotional material furnished to you by the vendor

  • Any advertising-related offerings or incentives as well as newspaper ad inserts, in-store circulars or any other proof of performance documents

  • All short-term or long-term contracts you signed with the vendor, which outline rebate or volume incentive offers as well as copies of checks or credits issued by the vendor to pay any of these incentives

  • Freight and/or back-haul information

  • Any other documents you feel might shed light on the applicable vendor transactions.

Q:  So, am I liable to find some of my audit reports posted on your website or shown to one of my competitors?


A:   You can be absolutely sure of confidentiality of your records.  We realize your audit records are valuable property, and we’re well aware that vendors sometimes make special offers just for your customers and your competitors don’t need to know about it.


Q:  Why do you go to all this trouble?  Couldn’t you make more profit by just running my records through the computer and calling it an audit?


A:  Maybe, but that’s not who we are.  We believe we have something special to offer our clients and we truly mean what we say in our mission statement:


Our mission is to enhance the profitability of our clients

by providing the best service and quality in our industry.”