Our Mission:

FRA's Mission is to Enhance the Profitability of its Clients by Providing the Best Service and Quality in its Industry.

Our Values Statement:

The foundation for long-term success for Financial Recovery Alliance (FRA) must be based upon core values.  These values must guide FRA's decisions everyday.

 Let the following stand as our commitment to the people and organizations we serve.

  1. We value honesty and integrity, the basis for all business and  personal relationships.

  2. We value quality in the process of creating and delivering the best service for the client.

  3. We value the power of recognition for those that are responsible for delivering our services with enthusiasm, while preserving our image, in the marketplace.

  4. We value responsibility and accountability in all that we say and do.

  5. We value profitability, assuring the future for our clients as well as ourselves.

  6. We value lifelong relationships with those we are honored to serve.

  7. We value teamwork with our clients and contractors, and the cooperation that is so necessary in adapting to change, while maintaining reliable service.

  8. We value leadership and the development of leaders to instill loyalty, trust, and professionalism in the delivery of our services.

  9. We value families and individuals, respecting the challenges they face.

  10. We value the freedoms, liberties, and opportunities to do business in the United States of America.